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The watchword is uniqueness.


We are fully at your disposal to plan your wedding whether you want to celebrate it inside our private church or whether you want to rent the outdoor area in our terraced gardens.
Our team of experts will be a precious guide to help you discover a magical, exclusive space, full of surprises that will make your event special and unique.
The Church of San Raimondo al Refugio , a baroque jewel located in the heart of Siena, was founded in the early 1600s by the will of Aurelio Chigi who sponsored the artistic works of the entire iconographic cycle. The whole set of the pictorial decoration consists of three large altarpieces, accompanied by a series of smaller canvases. The iconographic sequence develops around the stories of San Galgano, Santa Caterina and San Raimondo di Pennafort. The true testimony of the Roman Baroque and of the counter-reformed iconographic tradition, the Church proudly preserves masterpieces by artists such as Rutilio Manetti, Francesco Vanni, Ventura Salimbeni and Sebastiano Folli.
All the figurative cycles are rearranged in an elegant array of frames, columns and pediments of polychrome marble with a very refined taste. The old rooms of the sacristy have also been renovated, where the precious sacred objects in silver have been placed, a table by Sano di Pietro, Domenico di Bartolo and a Santa Caterina by Iacopo della Quercia.
Our beautiful terraced gardens, one-of-a-kind within the entire city landscape, are also fully available to our guests who can enjoy the breath-taking far-reaching view of the ancient fourteenth-century walls and one of the crucial medieval city gates – Porta Pispini – at any time of the day. We will always guarantee privacy, elegance and uniqueness to any of your experience.

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